2nd - 4th July 2018
The Barbican

Brexit – what does it mean for charity fundraising?

: Ceri Edwards

Last week’s referendum saw a majority vote for the UK to leave the European Union. This is a momentous decision and we can be certain that it will have a large impact across the political, economic and social landscape.

The result will be felt by all sectors, private companies, public institutions, and civil society organisations. To help understand the issues and opportunities facing the fundraising community as a result of the decision to leave the EU, and to best represent our members, we are asking what you think the effects might be on the work you do, the charities you work for, and the beneficiaries you serve.

While there is a huge amount of uncertainty at the moment about what Brexit means for the sector, we are likely to see a change in the wider context and environment within which charities operate and raise income.

We obviously aren’t expecting our members to have all the answers, but want to start a conversation, and by grouping some of the questions we think need considering together, we are keen to hear any ideas or views that you have. These will help inform our work going forward, making sure that we capture and can respond to the key questions raised by the fundraising community.

Please try not to send us your wider opinions on the referendum result or process – this is beyond our remit!  But by sharing your views, concerns and insights the IoF will be able to work with partners across the charity sector to champion your views and make sure your priorities and concerns are given the attention they deserve.


Economic and funding impact:

  • How concerned are you on the impact on both your charity and the wider sector of the likely economic uncertainty that will affect the UK?  
  • What do you think Britain’s exit from the EU might mean in terms of funding implications for your charity?
  • What could be the opportunities for funding that arise from the decision?
  • What would this mean for your charity’s ability to fundraise? Are you expecting any impact on corporate support for your charity?  Will it have an impact on how you engage with major donors? What impact could the decision have on levels of voluntary income?
  • Are you likely to be reviewing your fundraising strategy or reviewing your risk and financial management processes?


Social and workforce impact

  • What impact, if any, is Brexit likely to have on your workforce and supporter base?
  • Are you expecting and/or planning for any potential impact on your beneficiaries?


Political impact

  • A new Prime Minister with new ministers will be in place later in the year.  What do you think their policy priorities should be in relation to charity fundraising and the charity sector more widely?
  • What might be the positive or negative impacts on any changes to rules and regulations that affect fundraising? For example, VAT rates and application, data protection legislation, payment services.


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