Fundraising is like a community - to get the best out of it, you must put the work in

: Danielle Atkinson

IoF Trustee Danielle Atkinson is really looking to Fundraising Convention in just under a week's time. Here's why...

I’m really looking forward to Fundraising Convention this year!  I’ve been for the last few years, but this year I’m itching to attend. I love the Convention and it’s one of the highlights of my fundraising year. Why? Here are just three reasons:

1. The Programme

Honestly, the programme is always the selling point. And I feel like it goes from strength to strength every year. Until 2016 I was on the Convention Board myself, but in 2017 I think the Board have surpassed themselves. There is a real balance of topics, crossing the spectrum of fundraising, and delivering the opportunity for first class learning across three days.


2. The networking

I used to hate networking. There, I’ve said it. The thought of talking to strangers, sidling up to them and introducing myself, filled me with horror. Then I realised that it was of incredible benefit to me. By talking to other fundraisers I could learn more, develop more, and challenge myself more. It also meant that I had developed a support network to be called on when needed. Fundraising really is like a community, but to get the best out of it, you need to put the work in. The Convention is a great way of meeting people and talking to them. Social media opens this up in a way not possible before. Grab that delegate list and commit to making one new fundraising friend – it could make all the difference!


3. The challenge

One think I always say to my team is to go to things that aren’t about what you do on a day to day basis. Attend at least one session about an area of fundraising that you know nothing about. Do not stick within your comfort zone – challenge yourself to go to a session that will broaden your horizons. The Bigger Picture and Personal Effectiveness streams are ideal for this. And make a commitment to yourself that you will take at least one action because of what you learned when you were there. 

As you might be able to tell, I’m looking forward to Convention. If you’re there, say hello! Tweet me @roxymartinique, and I’m more than happy to grab a coffee/glass of wine – even if it’s just to up your networking tally!

Danielle Atkinson, Head of Individual Giving, Plan International UK and IoF Trustee


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