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The power of video for fundraisers

: Ravinol Chambers

If a picture can paint a thousand words, what can a video do for fundraising? Ravinol Chambers of Be Inspired Films, Fundraising Convention official video partner, explores how powerful videos can really be...

Multi sensory experience

Video has the ability to capture far more of the senses than most mediums; your eyes, your ears, your imagination, your intelligence. Video really enables you to bring the impact of your work to life for your donors and supporters and engage them your work in a highly immersive way.

Simplifying an otherwise complicated message

Because video has audio and visual content it enables us to take in a lot of information in a short period of time because it is multi layered, a bit like a dual core computer processor is faster than a single core because it is processing multiple layers at once. If we see a bunch of happy young people who have benefitted from a service, no one needs to tell us they are happy, we can see it for ourselves in an instance.

Can build relationships at scale

Have you ever seen a celebrity and wanted to go up and say hi? Many people say they have experienced this first hand - because we have seen them many times on TV or on the Internet we feel like we ‘know them’ and have a relationship with them. Regular contact with you and your organization through video can be as good as face-to-face contact in that those connecting with you in that way feel like they are getting to know you and building a relationship with you or the cause you are working on. What is even better than face-to-face contact is that it works at scale, anywhere, anytime.

Transparency and authenticity

There is so much noise on the Internet these days, how can you stand out? For me it’s all about authenticity, people are not stupid; they can instantly feel when something is real and authentic and when it is marketing spin. Video gives you the ability to open your doors and let your supporters inside what you do so they can see it for themselves. It enables you to let the natural personality of the organisation and the staff, shine through. When done well, it can demonstrate an honesty, an authenticity, a transparency that is very powerful and attractive, particularly for donors.

Creating an emotional connection

When was the last time you cried or laughed reading a written social impact report? The same work presented well in a video or animation can move us to tears or make us beam with joy, such is the power of the medium. The more we connect with a cause or an organisation on an emotional level, the more likely we are to support them and the stronger our existing commitment becomes.

Be Inspired Films

Many charities are doing fantastic work and making a real difference to the lives of those they seek to help. The problem is often not enough people are aware or engaged with the incredibly powerful and inspiring work that is being done.

Be Inspired Films, the Fundraising Convention Official Video Partner, are charity sector specialists and can support you to bring your social impact to life. They work as a trusted partner, offering strategic advice, creating broadcast quality video and animation, live streaming events and employing other innovative ways to powerfully demonstrate the difference you make. 

They can also help you make budgets go further by training some of your own staff so they can capture good quality footage throughout the year and create low cost everyday videos as part of an overall strategy.


Ravinol Chambers, founder, Be Inspired Films

Get in touch with Ravinol for a chat about ways video can help you bring your social impact to life – / @beinspiredfilms / 07949 639699 

Or visit Be Inspired Films at the Fundraising Convention Expo!

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