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2nd - 4th July 2018

The Barbican

“You have got to be kidding, I don’t have time for networking and career development!”

: Helen Pert

How many times have you told yourself this? Convention Board member Helen Pert explains how she can relate, and why July is the perfect time to break the habit.

For many years I used it as an excuse. I was just far too busy to take time out of the day job (which often extended into the night job!). I comforted myself with the mantra “on the job experience is the best way of getting on in life”....and of course it pays the bills. 

How myopic could I be? Now I know how important networking and thinking about my own career development is - not only good for me but everyone I work with too. To be a clever, enlightened worker (in other words to achieve big things, sometimes with less effort) I owed it not just to myself, but also to my team and my charity’s beneficiaries, to take time out for myself. 

Fundraising Convention really is your time to relax into a different environment. It is your “one stop” opportunity to catch up with friends and make new ones and to be inspired by some of the best presenters in the fundraising sector. So why not find yourself a coffee (or whatever your favourite drink is!) and spend a few moments looking at this year’s amazing programme. 

Convention offers the best experience we have ever offered. Not only will you be able to enjoy the wonderfully cultural atmosphere of the Barbican (I may have passed Sir Simon Rattle at last year’s Convention as I walked to a session...), you will also be able to choose from a carefully curated programme of sessions. Whether you see yourself as just starting out in the sector, or like me, you have been around for a long time, there is always something there to ensure you return to your desk with a blast of energy. 

Personally I may ring the changes with my choices this year and start day one on 3 July by looking in on “Play your fundraising cards right - game show lessons for fundraisers” by Richard Sved and Laura Croudace. It promises to be fun and get me into that special mental personal space to allow me to relax, reflect and enjoy my time at Convention. 

Helen Pert, Interim High Value Consultant and member of the Fundraising Convention Board

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