Delegates in a session at Convention


3rd – 5th July 2017
The Barbican 


JustGiving - Wednesday 5th July, 13:00 - Fountain Room

Creating an engaging, digital giving experience for the next generation

Since 2001, JustGiving has been leading the way in creating fast, simple and social experiences for online giving. In this practical and interactive workshop we’ll share some of the core principles of good user research and experience design that we’ve learnt over the years, and explore what the next generation of digitally-savvy donors expect when giving online. We’ll also work through some practical examples so you come away knowing what works and what doesn’t, and armed with some simple tips to implement once you’re back in the office.


Rob Edwards, Head of Design, JustGiving

Rob joined JustGiving 2 years ago with a varied background in branding, advertising and digital design. He is passionate about user-centred design and design for social good.

Hara Mihailidou, Head of UX, JustGiving

Strategic and multidisciplinary team leader, passionate with every idea that challenges the existing HCI (Human–computer Interaction) reality. As a Head of UX at JustGiving Hara ensures that both consumer and non-profit audiences have a delightful and cohesive experience across channels. Hara Mihailidou has previously worked for brands like Microsoft, Skype, O2, Hearst as well as Seren EY Service Design agency. Her educational background is on Interactive Media (MA, London College of Communication) and Computer science (BSc) and she is an ambassador of design for good.

JustGiving are headline sponsors of Fundraising Convention 2017


Wisdom Fish

Workshop 1: Tuesday 4th July 10.45 - stalls lounge

'Developing self-aware, mindful leaders'

Delivered by: Sarah Carter, Wisdom Fish

Which of your sub-personalities are supporting your fundraising efforts and which are sabotaging your outcomes? Find out how a deeper understanding of your personal patterns and behaviours can help to change and transform your relationships, leadership and fundraising efforts. A fun and interactive workshop which demonstrates the real impact of the individual and their responses on organisational outcomes.

Read the 5 part blog series from Sarah:

1. Are you a Joker, Saboteur or People Pleaser?

2. Why good leadership doesn't involve racing ahead of the pack

3. 5 ways to nuture your organisational culture

4. Why we need to put the same energy into initiating people into our organisation as we do supporters

5. Why we also need to transform ourselves if we want to transform our organisations

Delivered by Wisdom Fish


Wisdom Fish

Workshop 2: Wednesday 5th July 13.00 - stalls lounge

Building rituals and initiations into your fundraising culture

Delivered by: Neil Hope, Wisdom Fish

An interactive session which explores how paying attention to the rituals and initiations within your organisational culture can impact on results, retention and emotional buy in.

Delegates will come away with a way to diagnose and fix where some of the problems might be within their culture.