2nd - 4th July 2018
The Barbican 

Make your comms creative at Convention!

Is Fundraising Convention just for fundraisers? We know the importance of collaboration between all teams within a charity... but one which stands out is the relationship between fundraisers and communications teams. How can you make sure your fundraising campaigns are fully maximised over your communications channels?

Well, we've pulled out some key sessions at this year's event to help you:

  • gain inspiration and develop your creative thinking
  • improve knowledge of different fundraising disciplines, to assist with cross-team collaboration
  • network with old contacts and develop new contacts with a range of networking opportunities

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You get lots of ideas from across the sector

Jenna, who attended Fundraising Convention last year, explains why attending the event brings out fresh ideas from all across the sector and beyond...

Let your brand transformation become a joy - for your organisation and its beneficiaries

By putting fundraising at the heart of their brand and children at the heart of their fundraising, Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) have dramatically increased the impact that they are having right across Scotland.

When: 3:15pm, Monday 2nd July 2018


  • Iain McAndrew MInstF, CHAS
  • Debbie Mooney MInstF(Dip), ENABLE Scotland
  • Nicolas Holmes, Different Kettle

Learning outcomes:

  • how to put fundraising at the heart of YOUR brand and beneficiaries at the heart of YOUR fundraising
  • why it's vital to use story telling to shift perceptions 

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Build BIG digital movements

The Trump, Clinton, and Sanders US Presidential campaigns raised millions and mobilised communities like never before - all with digital at the core. 

Kenneth Pennington, central to the 2016 campaign to secure Bernie Sanders as the Democrats’ presidential candidate, will give a fascinating insight into a campaign that raised over $230 million and delivered over 81 million volunteer phone calls.

When: 4:30pm, Tuesday 3rd July 2018


  • Paul de Gregorio, Open
  • Kenneth Pennington, Bernie Sanders Campaign

Learning outcomes:

  • the principles you need to deliver your own success
  • the inspiration to get your own BIG digital movement started

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Creating and implementing a 2 year multi-channel fundraising and comms campaign

Find out how Orbis created ‘Operation Sight’, a multi-channel fundraising and communication campaign spanning 2 years. Hear how Orbis gathered audience insight, developed their proposition and story and the shift from thinking of channels in isolation to focussing on a multi-channel experience. 

When: 3:15, Monday 2nd July 2018


  • Matt Cassini, Orbis EMEA
  • Wayne Murray, Audience Fundraising & Communications

Learning outcomes: 

  • understand your audience
  • building and embedding a multi-channel proposition across fundraising AND communications
  • shift your thinking to integrated campaign

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Be braver on social media!

Social media is only growing in its importance within the fundraising sector. We will hear from some organisations that are using it particularly well - but in very different ways.

When: 3pm, Tuesday 3rd July 2018


  • Melissa Thermidore, NHS Blood and Transplant
  • Rebecca Sterry, Autistica

Learning outcomes:

  • create an organisation culture for digital-first thinking on social
  • adapt to your audience and use it to your advantage
  • help your senior leadership team get the most out of social

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Your consensus building approach does not work in a Snapchat world

The rise of social media means an individual with the right story at the right time can make things happen almost instantly, possibly blowing years of communications planning. This can be good.. but sometimes it's catastrophic. 

When: 10:45am, Wednesday 4th July 2018


  • Kevin Delaney MInstF(Cert), Don Bosco Care

Learning outcomes:

  • how to handle a sensitive communications issue
  • understand and embrace power of individual advocates
  • how you can achieve more by removing your organisation from the picture

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