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We'll meet again: Working against the clock to save the White Cliffs

When & Where

14:15 - 15:00, Monday 2nd July 2018




Debbie Clark , Alison Edwards , Eleanor Denney


> Intermediate

In 2017 the National Trust launched a campaign that raised over £1.1m to acquire the historic farm land behind the White Cliffs in the space of just 6 weeks.  As well as sharing what makes an appeal like this successful, this session will show how in any organisation, people from different teams can work together – in this case getting the appeal out of the door from start to finish in just 4 weeks and overcoming an array of challenges along the way. For the Trust this was a brand new way of working, which resulted in raising money largely from a non-responsive base, and for the first time getting new channels to work for fundraising.