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Charity begins at home…ideas, insight and practical steps to dramatically shift how fundraising is valued within your charity

When & Where

12:00 - 13:00, Monday 1st July 2019
Frobisher 3



Every single day folk at Shelter go to work to defend the right to a safe home. 1,350 of us are proud to work for Shelter and circa 350 are directly responsible for ‘income generation’. But 1,350 fundraisers would clearly have greater impact for the six million people whose housing rights we are defending.  We are 53 years old.  And we’re a super passionate and committed bunch but for some of this time we’ve annoyingly not all be rowing in the same direction.  Others were less diplomatic and described departments at ‘war’ with each other.  18 months ago, we decided to tackle this head on.  Come along and hear about our journey from different perspectives around the charity.  The session will be headlined by Polly Neate our CEO but also coming along to give you the complete picture will be a trustee (who is also a donor) and of course some of our fantastic fundraisers. This 60-minute interactive session will leave you brimming with ideas, insight, lessons learned and practical steps which you can take back to your charity to tackle it head on too.