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How Pancreatic Cancer UK recruited 40,000 high quality leads from cold prospects on Facebook and developed a multi-step journey to regular giving

When & Where

15:15 - 16:00, Monday 1st July 2019




Julie Roberts , Nick Burne , Chris Cox


> Small charities

Can you imagine trebling the size of your organisation’s database in 6 weeks from one channel? Imagine doing it for a Cost per Lead of around 30p. Then imagine converting these leads so that the total investment paid back in under a year. This is what happened to PCUK when they tested a Facebook advertising funnel for their “Demand Faster Treatment” campaign.

This fast-paced session will deep dive into the exact steps PCUK took to launch and optimize this break-through campaign. We will cover funnel mapping (including optimising for a GDPR world), how PCUK designed their testing matrix, the “creative hacking” process that made all the difference as well as rapid scaling and optimisation tactics. We will also look closely at the conversion journey from lead to regular giving using email and telephone.