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Creating a culture of fundraising beyond your fundraising team

When & Where

14:15 - 15:00, Monday 3rd July 2017
Fountain Room - Ground Floor




Esther Preston , Louise McCathie



One of the most important skills of being a leader is to create the right culture and environment for success.. For a fundraising leader a challenge is how to influence the rest of the organisation if it isn’t proud of its charity status.

In this session Louise McCathie, Director of Fundraising at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity and Esther Preston, Director of Fundraising and Marketing at AshgateHospicecare will talk through some of the challenges and successes of influencing a change in culture beyond their area of control.
Whatever level you work at in fundraising it is much easier to engage with donors if you have a great relationship with your front line colleagues who can share stories with you and your Board are ‘charity champions’. We would all like to work where the whole charity embraces fundraising and is proud of their fundraisers. So how can we influence that change?

Louise and Esther will talk through their journey of influencing across their organisations from trustees to nurses. You will learn how to build a ‘fundraising friendly’ culture that, for their charities, has resulted in more donations.