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Assistant Manager




I am from the US, specialising in US business tax at Deloitte. Philanthropy has always been a part of my life and it was the one thing missing for me in London. Luckily through the Deloitte-Depaul partnership with Deloitte's One Million Futures Program I have found a way to lend my skills and time, through which I have seen a direct result. I feel that my ability to manage people and time quite well has led to maximising Depaul’s opportunities with Deloitte and in the community. As a relationship manager I am tasked with managing multiple pro-bono projects and opportunities at once while guaranteeing the right combination of people and skills are being utilised to ensure that our work as a large corporate partner has a meaningful and lasting impact on Depaul. As a team we have found that experience, expertise, relationships and personality all play a significant factor in the success of our partnership. Depaul being a smaller charity allows for our teams to immediately see the impact of our efforts. Furthermore, our relationship with Depaul has grown into a friendship built on mutual respect for our shared passion for impacting society through compassion and giving.