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Job Role

Head of Marketing


Institute of Cancer Research


Nearly twenty years after getting a foothold in the charity sector I am still baffled by the barriers talented individuals from outside the sector experience during their quest for a fundraising job - perhaps more challenging for fellow BMEs than white colleagues.

Yet whatever the ethnicity I remain inspired by these candidates’ sustained passion and determination in pursuing their ambitions.

Having raised over £30m for diverse causes and established charity brands I am keen to join the silent as much as the loud voices in showing how accessible the fundraising profession and even the nicher areas of our sector are.

Just because doors shut quietly or slam time and again in our faces, it doesn't mean it's the only way in. Windows of opportunity are aplenty and there's no better place than finding them over the next three days at the IoF 2018 convention.

Feel free to stop me to say hello (did I mention I love coffee? ;-) ) or drop me a line to get in touch.