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DTV Group


Peter Muffett is CEO and co-founder of DTV Group, based in London and Europe when the sun is shining. Happily spending more and more time with DTVers in Australia, New Zealand, Seoul, Hong Kong and India. Peter is a self-confessed documentary junkie with his love of fundraising and DRTV providing him with an equally powerful high.

A love of solid direct marketing principles combined with a passion for pushing creative, emotional and response driven advertising has helped establish DTV Group as the global leaders in the world of DRTV and wider use of film in fundraising communications.

His contribution ranges from overall strategic direction to directing film in the field and to hands-on inspiration of call centres, with film at the core. Peter is a trustee at Tibet Relief Fund; a Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing, and a Business Leader of The Marketing Society.

His enthusiasm for clients’ work has seen him running the London marathon in a 91lb donkey costume; a 2.5 metre Orca Whale; climbing 6 peaks in under 72 hours; cycling the length of the UK in 9 days and serving as an annual volunteer at Crisis at Christmas.